I had the cool opportunity to contribute the runes in Disney’s Frozen (on the magic book, & on some graves in the background in one scene), as well as the Old Norse lines the bishop speaks in the coronation scene. Now that the movie is out on DVD, I see a lot more people guessing about what they say. I’m not sure I can reveal that, but for the benefit of the folks who are out there guessing, here are some helpful facts:

-The runes are Younger Futhark.
-The language used in both the spoken coronation lines and the runic writing is Old Norse.
-The bishop uses reconstructed Old Norse pronunciation, not Modern Icelandic pronunciation.
-I’ve seen the bishop’s lines floating around on the internet, but only in the form of the pronunciation notes that I made for the actor (“Sehm hon HELL-drr…”), not with real Old Norse spelling (“Sem hon heldr…”).

Feel free to post a comment or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter if you think you’ve figured it out. (Update: One reader has deciphered the runes correctly).

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