Today I posted the five final chapters of the Saga of the People of the Tattúín River Valley, wherein I’ve reworked Star Wars as an Icelandic Saga. But Tattúínárdǿla saga grew into more than Star Wars in a different setting. It became a thematically very different story, the tragedy of a father and son torn apart by the competing selfish interests of King Falfadinn and the jarls of the Jedi Fjords.

The five final chapters were conceived together and so they have been posted here en masse as well.

The first of the five final chapters is Chapter 49; from there you can navigate through the five final chapters to the very last chapter, Chapter 53. If you feel like reading the entire saga from the beginning, the easiest way to do so is on this page.

As to the lacuna between chapters 36 and 42, I do not have plans to fill in the “missing” chapters. I think that the material would either read as repetitive (e.g. the destruction of the first Daudastjarna) or be difficult to translate into Old Norse (e.g. a lot of Lúkr’s training with Jódi, the marriage of Hani and Leia), and so I feel these events are better left hinted at than described directly.

Thank you for reading the Saga of the Skywalkers; I am in awe of the quantity and quality of the audience it has attained.

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