As UCLA’s lecturer in Old Norse, I had the cool opportunity of being called up to write the runes in Disney’s Frozen, as well as the Old Norse lines the bishop speaks in the coronation scene.

The runes are Younger Futhark, and the language is Old Norse. One reader of this blog has already deciphered the runes correctly, so I won’t repeat what she says.

The lines the bishop speaks are in Old Norse, using reconstructed pronunciation rather than Modern Icelandic pronunciation. What he says is, “Sem hon heldr inum helgum eignum ok krýnd í þessum helga stað, ek té fram fyrir yðr…” (“As she holds the sacred objects, and having been crowned on this sacred site, I present…”).

For more about my background, see my profile here. And I don’t have an agent and thus I don’t have an IMDB page, but for the doubters out there, I do have a place in the credits if you wait till the very end:

Frozen Credits

What else can I read on this blog?

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